Sunday, October 25, 2015

Las Vegas: FEAR the WATCHING Dead Season 1 finale Party 2015-10-04


I am a huge fan of zombie lore and also quite fond of drawing, so when Fat Beard gave me the opportunity to combine the two at yet another event, this time the FEAR the WATCHING Dead Season 1 Finale Party, I couldn't resist! Especially when you throw in the undead hosting talents of the cast of Evil Dead the Musical  and the tasty grub and gulps to be had at Shakespeare's a good time was guaranteed to be had by all!

Pre-show set up!

Group photo!

Beau, the Handsomest Deadite this side of the afterlife!
I think he likes it!
Groovy, baby.

A little something sweet for the artist to sip on, as highly recommended by our server. :)

Another great night! 

Have you been keeping up to date on Fear the Walking Dead? 
I have to be honest, I sure haven't. While we caught the premiere neither of us found the characters compelling enough to keep up on it. For one thing, we don't have cable…we just don't see the point.
The only TV shows we really watch are The Flash and Supernatural, both of which are on CW and easily viewable on Hulu shortly after their original airing. We generally wait for anything else to come out in bulk on Netflix (like The Walking Dead, which we LOVE!). There's more important things in life than staying completely up to date on the latest episode of a TV show…and besides, cliff-hangers drive us nuts! Much better to marathon a series overnight, like we did with Broadchurch or Doctor Who. ;)
How bout you?
Are you glued to your seat when new episodes of your favorite show come out?

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