Monday, October 5, 2015

Japan: Urayasu sanpo 2012-09-14

Sanpo, or osanpo, is Japanese for taking a casual, pleasant stroll. 
I'm quite fond of the word, so I like to use it when referring to my walks. ^_^

This charming little abode was tucked away along a quiet residential street in Urayasu. 
My friend Zoltan, his sister and I were walking to Urayasu station to head into Tokyo to visit Mori tower and show his sister around. :) It was also a bit of a prolonged birthday celebration, which I've previously touched on in this post. This post and tomorrow's will be focused on sharing photos of the outings!

Various two-wheeled vehicle parking.

Can you see the kitty?

Now that's an antique TV!

Did you know that the Resident Evil movie series were renamed Biohazard for Japanese audiences? 
I'd never actually watched anything after the first movie prior to living in Japan…
Kazu-chan introduced me to the 2nd film, we watched it together one day.
He really liked it! ^_^
I wouldn't count it among the best movies I've ever subjected my eyes to, but certainly not among the worst. I'm kind of ambivalent about the later releases…anyway...

I'd read about this restaurant online prior to finding it, which is something of a miracle…
Finding specific businesses could be complicated, especially with my laughable understanding of kanji. I can read hiragana and katakana well enough, but kanji is a far more important writing system to grasp as the symbols comprise the bulk of nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc…
but we found this place!
They have a soup that's really high in collagen, which is reputed to be a wonder food for your skin.

This is the soup~ it was super yummy! ^_^ 
if you're ever in Roppongi and hungry, I definitely recommend trying this place!

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