Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Japan: Mori tower 2012-09-14

Mori tower, residing in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, functions as an art gallery, observation center, and meeting point. It's an inexpensive way to take in glorious views of Tokyo! 
Zoltan, his sister, and I went together and had a blast.

We timed our visit so that we could take in the city during the day, sunset, and the evening. 

Many more photos below!

Approaching Mori tower from the train station, you encounter this giant creepy spider statue.

Why? x___x

Tokyo tower peeking out!

I really wanted to see that movie in theaters. XD 
The movie theater there is very nice, actually!!
My friend Eri and I later caught a showing of Kaze tachinu, or The Wind Rises, one of the newer installations in the Studio Ghibli line up that happened to be released during my time in Japan. 

Visiting Mori tower this time, they had an exhibit on the Egyptian Book of the Dead! 

There were several restaurants available to eat at, one very expensive one and another that was a bit more reasonable yet still provided amazing views of the city. We opted for the latter option, but first I needed to take an absurd amount of photos!

I believe the big grassy area there is Akasaka palace with Yoyogi park in the distance?

We finally made it back around to the restaurant~ 

I feel like this looks like a stock photo. XD 

The museum was doing an exhibit on Middle Eastern cultures at the time, hoping to dispel misunderstandings or misconceptions while sharing the stories of individuals. It was an excellent exhibit, and one that lead to some great conversations with Zoltan~ as a Hungarian man, his perspective on some of the controversial pieces was a bit different than mine as an American woman. :) 
We were able to discuss the differences in our perceptions or beliefs peacefully and still remain friends.
His sister didn't speak English, and I don't know any Hungarian. ^^; But she seemed very sweet! 

mm, cheesecake!

Ah, unexpected nostalgia hit! :D
A Japanese 4D puzzle game of my hometown!

Mmmm, gelato...

During our visit there was a special Disney illumination show on the roof that would occur every 15-30 minutes or so.

After Mori tower, we had dinner at this Mexican restaurant!

Zoltan brought me this bag of candies back from Hungary during his last visit! 
They have a strong black liquorish taste. :)

Have you ever been to Mori tower?
I recommend it if you ever have the opportunity! ^_^

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