Saturday, September 19, 2015

Japan: Maihama Sunset 2012-07-17 日本語も

Walking home from work many nights, I'd pass along Maihama station.
Maihama station is the official Disney resort station for the Tokyo Disney parks with busses and taxis available to take guests to their points of destination (be it the park or a nearby hotel), so it's usually quite the bustling hub of activity. I could catch one of the many busses that left the station for nearby neighborhoods but they were often crowded with a long queue as Maihama is also a popular residential area for young families. As someone who finds unwinding in quiet optimal for relaxing after a long day, the walks home were generally my preferred route. What better way to get to know my neighborhood and the little joys of life in Japan?


I lived in the town of Urayasu, which is technically located in Chiba prefecture, though it's a short train ride away from the heart of Tokyo. From Maihama station I could be in Ginza in about 15-20 minutes. Urayasu itself is an older fishing village tucked into Tokyo Bay, a more suburban population that meant I encountered more kids rolling by on tricycles with their mums tailing along than salarymen most days.  Every four years the city of Urayasu has what's called the Sanja matsuri, where beautiful portable shrines called mikoshi are paraded throughout the city upon the shoulders of residents. There's singing, games and tons of food! On that hot summer day I could hear the drums from inside my apartment. There will be a post about that soon ;)