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Japan: Cafe HOM+ 2012-06-28

Girls, assemble!!

Working at Disney, I made a lot of friends but the Ishizawa Sisters were among the first, the friendliest, and the funniest. Unabashedly silly and fun-loving, I could always count on having an adventure when we'd get together. 

After Kanae moved on from her position with us at Disney, she began working at a lovely little cafe called Cafe HOM+! Yuka and I ventured out to show our support and try their tempting treats!

We met with Kanae at a bus stop where she surprised us with some delicious little cupcakes! How sweet ^_^ just one of the hundreds of little thoughtful gestures that made them so lovable. They really taught me how to step up my friendship-game. 

Speaking of, here are some gifts they brought for me at our gathering. The photos are from our trip to Disney Sea! I'll have a post up soon~

Kanae-chan had worked with the artists in the park, so the crew at my location gathered together and pitched in to get this souvenir Springtime Duffy as a gift for her. Even with a small employee discount the bears were far from cheap. ^^; My goofy Japanese handwriting on display...

The sisters :)

Our lunches arrived~ I had the pasta, which came with a small soup and salad to start. おいいしい!

Yuka ordered the Loco Moko, looks tasty!

Kanae threatening to sabotage my pasta with tabasco! Eep!

After our meal we were brought these bubbly vinegar drinks. 
I know that might sound gross but hear me out;
it's actually quite delicious!
Fruity vinegars are popular in Japan and Korea, with pomegranate, strawberry, blueberry, apple and other sweet and tangy flavors available. As the vinegars are so concentrated in flavor, you only need a splash to dilute with sparkling or fresh clean water and you'll have an exceptionally refreshing drink for a hot summer day. The vinegars are considered to be very health boosting!

The interior of the cafe was lovely but was remodeled later. ^^;

 Kanae-chan had to start her shift, so Yuka and I galavanted off for more adventures. 

Hamming it up out front!

Funabori station, the nearest train station to Cafe HOM+!

From here, Yuka and I ventured out to Ginza to explore together. I'll have that post up soon! 

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