Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2015 August Update

I can't believe it's already September! 
My, how time flies when you're having fun... 
It's been a busy one for us, with promotions at work, art projects, events, vehicular issues and more…

Since I've been neglecting my blog, I thought I'd sum up the month with a photo post!

More detailed posts to come!

So, I got promoted. Go me! My hours changed, which is a contributing factor to my less frequent posts… my car also decided to act up this month, making my commute 3-6x longer depending on the method of travel I utilize. Luckily, I've been able to carpool with Antho and his grandmother for a good portion of the time, but my new schedule has me starting work several hours later than them, which meant taking the bus or walking instead. I don't mind hoofing it, it just resulted in less time at home to draft up posts. u_u

A bunch of sketches~

I let Antho play with my hair…

I also experimented with colored lenses for the first time ever..
x_x they're so hard to put in! 
Or maybe it's just not in my nature to stick things onto my eyes? ^^;

I baked an ombre cake!
It was a lot of fun to make, and also super tasty.
Om nom nom!

More sketches!

Some skincare products I ordered awhile back finally arrived, and my skin has been exceptionally happy with them! I'll do a post about that soon. ^_^

Carpooling often saw me getting dropped off near my work an hour or two before my (pre-premotion) shift typically began, but the area is fairly nice and there's a Trader Joe's AND a library within walking distance. I started popping over there before work and picking up simple groceries/goods or some snacks for the day…or I'd find a shady bench and read for awhile. 

I've been reading this book, Super Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. I've read their previous installation, Freakonomics, and this book has proved to be as entertaining and enlightening as the first. I'm really enjoying it, though I save my reading time for during my commute. 

My blue hair faded, so I switched it up and threw some Manic Panic Electric Lizard over my locks. 
Got bored and trimmed in some bangs!

We grabbed lunch at Greenland Supermarket here in Vegas. They have a cute food court full of delicious offerings, including sushi!

And this delicious Bibim naengmyun!

Antho & I tried a small local ice creamery in our neighborhood and discovered that it's absolutely amazing…like, why have we not been going here all the time?! Their prices are reasonable, they're right around the corner from us and the selection of cold creamy goodness on offer would have made this (nearly over) summer so much cooler. Since it was our first visit, they were generous in allowing us samples, which may have made deciding more of a challenge in the end…everything was so good, and there were some specialty flavors that really caught my eye, like a tart and tangy one that reminded us of Lucas candy! Antho went with cotton candy & mint chocolate chip, I got burnt caramel and chocolate gansito cake. Divine!

I drew at Shakespeare's Grill & Pub here in town during the Season Premiere of Fear the Walking Dead.
The event itself was called Fear the Watching Dead and was hosted by Danny Fatbeard, a local nerd-culture social icon of the area. It was an awesome event and a wonderful time, I'll have a post all about it coming up soon!

The couple that glows together grows together!

How was your month, guys?
Hope you had a great one!

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