Sunday, August 9, 2015

San Francisco's Coit Tower

Since it was our last day in town, we decided to hit up a few more landmarks before we had to go. Our flight wasn't scheduled to depart until after 10pm, so we had plenty of daylight to kill yet. Christian, our AirBnB host, kindly offered to let us leave our backpacks with him until it was time for our flight so we were spared the additional hiking weight…which, considering the verticality of our destinations, was really appreciated!

Well rested after a leisurely evening we headed out for the city early in the day. 
Photos ahead!

Structures in front of West Oakland's BART station, a short walk from where we were staying.

Once in the city we disembarked at the Embarcadero BART station then walked to Coit Tower, which is roughly a mile away. It's a relatively easy walk until you get to the latter half...

The route we had chosen was up roughly two blocks worth of stairs or roughly 400 stairs give or take. 

We passed some people who were being assisted in their descent, winded and wobbly while others jogged them, glistening with sweat in their neon uniforms.

All along the stairways you'll be offered glimpses into people's yards, like this one. Each one is unique and lush, receiving plenty of precipitation from the nearby bay. I imagine they must have private access back routes for their vehicles or they have amazing glutes! 

There were a few roads along the way, offering glimpses of the tower peering out ahead.

In case you were doubting your directions.

One more flight of stairs...

And there she is! Standing tall at 210' atop one of the higher hills in the city, Coit Tower serves as an easily recognizable landmark in film or photo (or postcard).

The Bay Bridge leading over to Oakland.

The bottom floor of Coit tower is full of detailed murals depicting the city and it's development. 

There was a long line waiting for the elevator to the top so we opted out this time around. 

Given it's placement atop a hill the tower offers some pretty grande views even from it's first floor.

You can see the famously curvy Lombard street in the distance, which we pegged as our next destination.

Coit tower and the statue that stands before it should you opt to drive to the top.

The view as we started our descent.

And away we went, on our way to Lombard! 

Have you ever been to Coit tower? 
We had fun and certainly enjoyed the lovely views and the art infusion.

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