Saturday, August 8, 2015

Downtown Oakland

Downtown Oakland. 
Since we were here on a weekend the city center was eerily quiet as we ambled through.

I like the skybridge connecting the building in the distance!

Nice clock tower, too.

Makes me think of Superheroes… :P

Better view of the sky bridge connecting the buildings.

Empty aside from us...

Probably much busier on a Monday, right…?

I like the reflection of the building in the building. 

Goofy little mural we encountered. 

Back at our lodging we made friends with some of the local wildlife. Here's Antho scratching Colonel Mustard.

And I believe this pretty kitty's name was Henry.

It's always nice to have some unexpected kitty time. :)

From here we debated going out again and exploring but we were pretty tired, so we opted to get a 6 pack of local brew and ordered a pizza and spent the evening resting and catching up on the internet. It was a nice reprieve from all the walking, but by the next morning we were recharged and ready for more!

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