Thursday, July 2, 2015

Union Station: Cali-trip 2015

Union Station, a central point for travel in L.A. 

After our adventures in Santa Monica, we made our way to Union Station. This was my first time in the area and it was wonderful to see such a historic landmark. Personally, I'm a fan of the juxtaposition of seeing normally bustling areas when they're deserted, which you may have noticed with my photos of Namdaemun market at night. The area around Union Station was no different, with normally vibrant tourist areas quite and empty during the evening.

I really enjoyed the tiling on the floor, as you may notice.

This tree was in a park across the street from the station, but boy was it HUGE!

I absolutely love vines and these stretched across the entire walkway! Neat.

Antho admiring this tree and his little helper. 

Tree grew so big and heavy and crooked that it needed the help of a stump to stay balanced.

Creepy stairwell reminds me of Tokyo subways at night...

Big ol' fish tank inside the station!

Then there was this fun mural in one of the corridors.

Antho admiring the art. :)

Oh, hello there!

Naturally, we grabbed a bite to eat while wandering the area. If you're curious to read about our meal at Cielito Lindo, a small taqueria that's been operating near Union Station since 1934, check out my post here!

After this point, it was time to queue for our ride home. We found our bus stop and hitched a ride with Megabus, which I'll go into detail about in an upcoming post! Stay tuned!

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