Saturday, July 11, 2015

Seoul: Small Korean supermarket

Being the food nerd that I am, I seized upon the opportunity to geek out on a Korean supermarket.
I love seeing all the varieties, flavors, drinks and inventions available in different areas!
Some of the flavor combinations blow my mind and other products leave me pining for a viable proxy product stateside to satisfy my craving.

Vegetables and pickled things!

Spaghetti, pasta and other related yummies.

An assortment of instant porridge like things. 

Vegetables, pickles, tofu and weiners.

An abundance of weenies!

Various dairy and dairy alternatives. 

Instant curry and seasoning mixes.

Fancy wine rack! 

Capri sun! Remember those?

All sorts of frozen vittles.

We've hit the instant noodle aisle.

Beer! A bountiful booty of beer!

Resealable bottles of beer, because. 

And soju, naturally, is not far behind.

Plum wines, herbal tonic liquors and more.

Then you've got your utility sized jugs.

Teas and sodas.

So many choices...

Sauces, syrups, etc.

To-go portions of various porridges.

Various pastes and seasonings, many used heavily in Korean cooking.

A whole photo full of umami, guys. Makes my mouth water!

And for perspective; I wear a women's size 9 in shoe. These are some big tubs o' paste.

BBQ sauces and other seasonings.

Old faithful spam.

Squid jerky!

Fiber cola, for those who like their soda habit to keep them on the regular.

These little soy milk bottles are adorable! They're advertised as being something of a nutrition boost. They make an excellent breakfast drink, like a carnation instant breakfast but a bit healthier and more natural tasting.

Bubbly fizzy fun.

Snack foods galore! I love the little onion guy. D'aww.

Crackers and biscuits seemed to be a popular item.

Dr. You!

I actually took a box of the snacks on the left back to Japan with me. The texture reminded me of mocha, with a herbal sweetness and chewy bite. 

They made Margaret with mom's love but the cookies are still a mystery.

Biggest loaves of sandwich bread I'd encountered in ages so I got excited.

Diet drinks/soups that come in little instant single serve packets. I got one of the grain mixes, it's actually quite tasty for a light, simple sippable breakfast.

Fruit tea concentrates.


Pancake, tempura and donut mixes.

Some of the product overflows outside.

A flavor of sun chips I expect we probably won't be seeing stateside any time soon.

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