Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Seoul: Dragon Hill Spa

After dinner, everyone agreed that going to a bathhouse would be fun so we split into teams and traveled to Dragon Hill Spa. The place is pretty famous evidently and given how much character and the variety of amenities it's really not that hard to see why.

The team I traveled with was tasked with grabbing a couple things from the supermarket located in the building adjacent to the train station. Being the culinarily curious lass I am, markets are always a fascination to me. Naturally, I snapped a few photos.

The spa is really quite close to the train station, well within walking distance. 
Approaching Dragon Hill Spa you're confronted with a theatrical facade leading to the door, where inside the decadent decorum continues.

I could only take photos of the communal area, for what I would hope are fairly obvious reasons.
Many soaking, sudsing, and splashing options await inside in gender segregated areas or you can opt to don one of their uniforms (which is included) and socialize, steam, sweat or sleep your stress away in the co-ed areas. One of the fantastic aspects of these places is that you can opt to stay overnight in lieu of getting a hotel. Perhaps not the most comfortable of sleeping options given that this location is primarily floor space but the hardwood floor is warm and relaxing on a cold night in Seoul. 

It was an awesome experience and I'm so very grateful to have met some talented and unique individuals in my brief stay in Seoul! 

Unfortunately, it was towards the end of our time here that my stomach was really starting to suffer the wrath of the soup I'd eaten for breakfast. My new friends helped me arrange a taxi back to my hotel where I spent the evening resting and trying to recover before my last day in Seoul.

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