Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Leaving L.A. April 2015

As the clock was winding it's way ever later it was eventually time to return to Union Station to catch our ride home. We opted for the Megabus, which departed some time after 12:30. There was some issue with the bus causing it to arrive late and our departure to be delayed some, but wasn't a terrible inconvenience as we were pleased just to be seated somewhat comfortably for awhile.

Before the bus's scheduled departure we had to check in at a kiosk where a queue had already formed. Several passengers found themselves presented with a dilemma of some kind but most were dealt with fairly expediently. Once we confirmed our reservations and got our numbers (called during boarding) we waited near the stop until it was time to go.

Once aboard we chose our seats, opting to sit on the upper deck. Once seated and settled in, I realized I'd chosen a chair that didn't recline…whomp whomp. I was tired and that was a bit of a bummer, but I've traveled a fair bit and slept just fine in far more uncomfortable positions so I could most certainly manage.  Being the gentleman he is Antho did offer to switch me seats, but my lethargy at this point in the evening far outweighed the inconvenience. 

Once the bus departed, we were in for a 5-6 hour long ride. There were a couple of stops along the way for boarding of new passengers, then later for people to get out and stretch their legs or take a smoke break, pick up some snacks, etc., but we were sleepy so we just napped through it as best we could. 

One thing to be aware of; their free Wi-Fi does not support streaming sites, so don't expect to be watching YouTube or Hulu the entire way. The Wi-Fi is useful if you need to check or send e-mails or browse simple webpages. 

We arrived into Vegas around 6:30am and were home and curled up not long after 7 thanks to Antho's very kind grandmother picking us up from the station downtown and escorting us home. 

Later that same evening we had an event so after resting it was time to gear up for yet another 710Visuals liquid light extravaganza! I'll post about that in the near future.

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