Saturday, July 18, 2015

San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall is a beautiful building and as we walked along Mission St we headed straight towards it en route to our first hotel. Throughout our stay in San Francisco we stayed in 3 different areas, first at Casa Loma on Fillbert.

Recharging stations for electric cars, perhaps? Zip car seems like a pretty nifty service. We did not take advantage of it during our stay, though now that I know what it is I will keep it in mind for future travels!

Convenient map to place yourself in the area.

Bike rental service! Again another nifty service that we did not take advantage of during this visit, but definitely something to keep in mind…say, if we ever decide to cross the Golden Gate bridge again...

After departing from the Civic Center area, we started walking along the hilly streets towards our hotel. This took us past many adorable residences and businesses, so I snapped some photos during our hike.

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