Sunday, July 19, 2015

San Francisco Casa Loma

Our first two nights we stayed in hotel Casa Loma! We were booked into a room with two twin beds, which was fun. Through the window behind Antho was a beautiful church which held within a surprising secret…

On Wednesday and thursday nights the church is transformed by the Church of 8 Wheels, a roller disco that just so happens to be inside of this lovely church! Quite unexpected. I assure you, my photos do not by any means convey just how wonderful this place truly is. There were laser beams and people in tutus, spandex and neon. There were families, couples, and solo riders of all ages and skill levels. They were very inviting and friendly, so if you ever happen to find yourself in the area I highly recommend it! If you don't own a pair of roller-skates already, they've got you covered with cheap skate rentals on site.

Anyway, back to daytime shenanigans...

Drunken octopi wanna brawl!

Our cozy little beds. As a taller lass I found the beds to be almost too short, so if you're longer than 5'10" you may find your toes dangling. The sheets were tucked in their pretty firmly, too. Once we returned in the evening and nestled in, it was surprising the amount of effort needed to move your feet within the confines of the bedding. When it comes to making the beds, these guys don't mess around!

The two side windows opened, which was lovely as we enjoyed having the cool breeze filter through the room during the evenings. One of the windows faced the fire escape, which I found charming…though not so sure I could successfully squeeze my hips through that opening. ^_^; 

The glass window in the church across from our room's window. When the Church of 8 Wheels rolls in the window becomes backlit with a stunning array of colors, which added a lovely ambiance to our evening. 

The neighborhood around Casa Loma is fun. As Fillbert connects with Haight a lot of the hippie-dippie-artsy vibe tends to bleed out into the area as well. We were pleasantly surprised by the art decorating the area!

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