Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vegas: Light art show @ the Velveteen Rabbit for Diego's b-day!

Our friend Diego recently celebrated another successful rotation around the sun at the swanky Velveteen Rabbit in Downtown Vegas. There was a DJ, festivities, libations, cool cats and cake!
That's right.
The cake was not a lie.

Anyway, as our visual act 710Visuals we did a live light art performance testing some excellent new equipment. The end results were a lot of fun, check it out after the cut!

Rose in the Velveteen's outdoor garden area.

Neat looking Buddha beer chandelier.

Some of the wall art.

Very nice.

Fun wall designs, too.

From early in our show :)

The wall we had to project onto at the Velveteen had some excellent textures to work with already.

I dig these long exposures. 

That's right, kids… Betterblocks. 

Hard at work playing with blocks! ;)

Dance, dance~! ダンスーダンスー!

It was an all around great evening and as always we were honored to be performing and sharing our colorful creations with others!
Thanks for having us, Velveteen Rabbit, 
and thanks for inviting us to participate in your celebration Diego!

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