Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Seoul Trip: Day 2, Gwangjang Market

Here comes another image-heavy photo post, so be wary ye of slow servers!

Inside the trains...

this lady, just squatting among the masses...

Hotteok, or pancakes filled with a sweet syrup. Very tasty!

making oodles of fresh noodles!

Dumpling lady standing vigil…

I actually had breakfast/brunch here. If you're curious, here's my post!

All sorts of bits to nibble.

Guts and feet!

All sorts of fish bits, including the sperm sacs...

Happy Kimbap lady was happy to pose!

This lady was not so enthusiastic.

Ooh, look at that mean mug!

Making a wide array of tasty savory pancakes!

Japchae, tteokbokki and odeng…not sure what the reddish brown stuff is. ^^;

Pig snouts and innards.

Snacks and candy and all sorts of yummies.

Fresh seafood and soju.

Traditional gowns for all ages. Pretty!

All business here.

Such a sweet smile!

Across the street from the market.

So tiny yet so pretty!

I bought a big box of strawberries from this sweet lady. 

So many different varieties of green things…absolutely wonderful!

Chilis galore!

Ginseng root, naturally.

Different kinds of sprouts...

I have absolutely no idea.

All sorts of pickled and marinated things. The lady running the booth gave me a drink...

Like these crabs!

my Yakult, given to me by the ahjumma above :)

A wall of dried horrified looking fishes.

This goober gave me a piece of candy then posed for a photo. Thanks, fella!

Big buckets of chili powders...

and sesame seeds!

Pretty purples..

And these bins of mushrooms!

Fernbracken, or gosari. I love this stuff in yukgae jang!

Mountains of spices.


not far from my guest house...

sunset in Seoul...

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