Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Makeup: Sugarpill Trinket Liquid Lipstick Swatches and Review

In my previous post on Sugarpill's Kim Chi liquid lip, I mentioned an upcoming review on Trinket...and ta-da! Here we are! 
In all actuality, the two came in the same package. I've had them now for a few months and have dabbled with them enough to feel confident in giving my humble opinion based on my personal experience with them. I'm not a professional makeup artist, though I do know a couple and occasionally bug them for their sage advice. These are just the opinions of this girl, who buys these things with her own hard earned pocket cash in the hopes of feeling prettier and having a happier, sparklier life. 

Sugarpill describes Trinket as:

"Creamy matte mauve infused with luminous golden sparkles that shine brighter as the formula sets. Ultra-pigmented and super long-lasting. Our creamy, mousse-like formula never feels dry on your lips! Creamsicle scented."

Which translates to this, on me:

With flash, indoors. 

My personal, non-professional description of this lipstick color is "natural but better", because I find the base color so easy and comfortable to wear. It's close enough to my natural lip color to look almost as if I'm not wearing much of anything, but then that sparkle hits! I feel like this could be an easy go-to daily shade for any girl (or guy) who wants more sparkle in their life without wanting to go full-blown disco unicorn. You can definitely up the glitz factor by rubbing your finger gently across your lips to reveal more of the glitter, but that may negatively impact your weartime. 

No flash, indoors. You can see just a peek of the gold glinting through.

In the same lighting, with the lipstick rubbed in a bit so that the sparkles come to life!
I find this such a lovely shade and from the reviews it seems a lot of people consider it a flatter tone, so that's awesome! Personally, I find I don't reach for it as often as I could because it feels almost too tame now that I've gotten into more daring shades. It is an absolutely beautiful color, and for me the wear time was about the same as Kim Chi, which is to say 2-3, maybe 4 hours. Maybe I drink a lot of water, I mean, I do try to stay hydrated... But does that constitute super long lasting? Depends on your standards for that definition. The color will fade, especially if you eat/drink/smoke during that time frame, but that brings out the sparkles and it's such a near-nude shade that it's not going to look awful as it diminishes, so I'm not mad at them. They say it smells like creamcicles, but I can neither confirm nor deny as my sense of smell is pretty abysmal, but if I happen to get a whiff of something yummy next time I apply it I'll let you guys know! The formula is creamy and applies easily with one coat. It doesn't feel especially drying on my lips while wearing it, but I'm also aware that it's on, if that makes sense. It's not heavy or tacky, though, which I appreciate. I have enough issues in my day to day without my lips getting glued together, thank you very much. Sugarpill understands, and the texture of the lipstick is quite nice going on.  

Since this was the same package as Kim Chi, what I said about their packaging prior still remains true. I love the pretty pink box it comes in that lets you KNOW you're about to get into some seriously fun business. Once you pop the lid, the bright blue paper used for padding adds a nice pop of contrast to the pastel tones. The inner lid greets you with a compliment, reminding you that this stuff is meant to make you feel gorgeous- because you are, of course, but who doesn't love to throw some sprinkles on their already awesome cupcake? Their signature Sugarpill logo is printed alongside the friendly words, for a cohesive branding that to me isn't too obnoxious. I like the simplicity of it and clean lines. 

The boxes the lipsticks come in are lovely as well. Kim Chi has soft shades of yellow and pink alternating with the sides, while Trinket has more of a sparkly cream base with the melted pink design along the top.  This melty theme is continued with the logo on the actual lipstick, only this time it's a shiny gold instead of pink, with the color of the lipstick itself providing the background. The white fade is a nice touch, and the lid snaps shut to let you know it's closed.

Sparkle sparkle!
Such a pretty lipstick.
I really should try to wear it more often than I do, as it's perfect for day wear!
It doesn't last forever, but few lipsticks really do. I can't vouch for the smell of it yet.
Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase!
You, too, can get in on the fun at their website and help support indie business. 
Plus it's all cruelty free and vegan so your sweet heart can rest easy knowing no animals had to suffer for your looks. Isn't that fantastic?! I love animals 💕

Great job Sugarpill!

4.5 out of 5 


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