Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kyoto Day 3- part 1- Ginkakuji temple

After terrorizing Gion by bike the previous night, I hauled myself out of my cozy little capsule and set about the day's adventures as early as I could rouse. To begin with, I made my way to Ginkakuji, another of Kyoto's famous and historic temples. While I must confess a lack of knowledge about the historic import or lore of the temple, it was certainly a beautiful place to take in and was quite popular with tourists from many different countries. There was quite a large, rowdy group that occupied several key photo opportunity spots for the location and confounded my attempts but I did my best to capture the scenery. This may not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with some of my other posts, but I'm not really a huge fan of crowds or loud people despite frequently finding myself in places where they proliferate. Spaces like this, which offer a sanctuary and zen in both their design and style, should resonate with that in their photos... 20-30 tourists having a picnic in the midst of a beautiful and historied place such as this does not sit well with me. In the end, it worked out well enough as the rest of my day was quite peaceful and the photos I did manage to capture turned out well enough for my skill at the time. From Ginkakuji, I made my way along the Philosopher's path. 
But first,  the journay to and resultant Ginkakuji photos!



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