Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hong Kong Day 6- Final day

As all good things are prone to doing, my vacation to Hong Kong was rapidly coming to a close. On this, my last morning waking in my awkwardly angled little room at the Harbour Hotel (where I had to dance around the door strangely to enter or leave due to the angle it opened at), I prepared my things and went for one last lap around the neighborhood. The staff at the Harbour Hotel were kind enough to allow me to leave my luggage with them for safe keeping until it was time for me to catch a taxi to leave for the airport. For breakfast I stopped over at the steamer shop where I'd been eating breakfast most days. The food was extremely affordable and their menu was quite vast! Everything I sampled was delicious and piping hot and fresh from the steamer. Delicious! Even with my cracked tooth my enthusiasm for eating was not to be overly hindered, especially given this incredible opportunity to enjoy Hong Kong cuisine. 

I also went to one of the many shops selling duck and various grilled or roast animal and grabbed a portion of duck for myself. I sat on a park bench and chowed down as best I could with the dental pain. It was greasy and delicious!

Pork colon!

Crab roe dumplings.

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