Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2016 Day 2

Day Two of the Amazing Las Vegas Comic con was even more lively with additional cosplayers, vendors, speakers, and more to be seen with the weekend allowing more people the chance to escape reality (and work) to attend. There were even a pair of tyrannosaurus rex romping around, terrifying and amusing people as they flailed their tiny arms about and brought all sorts of fresh new chaos from the cretaceous, as the grand beasts have a tendency to do (exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C, exhibit D) . Creativity in all it's forms was on proud display with an outstanding array of costumes and creations to be seen. It was a lot of fun and great to see so many people coming out and sharing their love for their fandom! Whether you're a fan of DC, Marvel, Star Wars, gaming or cartoons there really was something for everyone which was lovely to see given how divisive some fans can get. 

While I understand being enthusiastic about your particular obsession of choice, I personally don't really understand the DC/Marvel hate, or the Trekkies vs Star Wars type wars that go on. I like all of them! Each franchise has their own unique and enjoyable aspects to bring to the table, whether it be DC's excellent television franchise (oh, Barry Allen, quit futzing with the timeline, you loveable rascal!), Marvel's grand cinematic universe, Star Wars's epic lore and expansive  universe, or Star Trek's optimistic vision for humanity's future and tales of comradery, challenge and cooperation. You're allowed to like them all, or none of them, for your own reasons- just don't be a jerk, man. Luckily, this event I did not encounter any fanboy-supremes who piss all over anything outside their particular fandom of choice and the peaceful interactions and enthusiastic acceptance of eachother's fan-love is a huge attraction to the event. I mean, seriously, no one really wants to be that guy from the Simpsons, right?

Among the peaceful and happy attendees there were ample collectibles to be had, from rare Funko Pops to ultra rare Spider-man comics! While hanging out with the wonderful crew of Critical Care Comics, someone donated this rare issue of Spider-man much to the shock and awe of the group. This one comic alone was worth $300 at the time and is probably worth more than that now, given the amount of time that's passed since the event and how rarity tends to go. I could be wrong, of course, as I was more the Pokemon card collecting kid and much of my collection didn't really appreciate in value, so my understanding of these things may be limited.   

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