Thursday, February 11, 2016

New purple pink hair 2016/01/20

Well, it was purple...
 by the time of posting this, my hair has long since faded from purple to lavender, silvery-blue to green with pink spots...
le sigh.
I used Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink mixed with their Voodoo Blue and lots of conditioner and got enough to do two rounds of dye, which is good considering how much this has faded since application. I don't wash my hair every day or even every other day- it's only shampoo'd two or three times a week max. Even so, I'm likely going to be bleaching my roots and reapplying my homemade lavender dye again soon. 

Wanna see the before and progress photos? Read below!

My initial colour was this faded blue-green blonde, very light and devoid of pigment aside from what stain remained after several bleach shampoos over the past few months to lift out the vestigial blue-green. I've been using shampoos for platinum and silver hair which seem to have helped strip and lighten my hair along the way but sure leaves it feeling a bit dry and frizzy after. 

I had a wee-bit of Manic Panic's Voodoo Blue left which I mixed with several blobs of hot hot pink and a very generous portion of conditioner until I reached the desired colour, then I slapped it all onto my hair and let it soak for at least two hours. 

Once rinsed I'd achieved the colour in the top photo. 
Overall I was quite happy with the colour, though the fading was rapid and noticeable. Some of the in-between shades were really lovely, especially when it got to a silvery-blue and pink but I'm officially getting to the "ew, my hair needs work" stage again...
I've tried experimenting with Ion products to get lavender or silver and found them utterly unnoticeable. They might have changed the shade of my hair a little but rinsed out within a couple of showers. So far Manic Panic seems to be the only colour with any staying power, depending on the shade... Cotton candy Pink was an absolutely abysmal failure on my hair...or is it cupcake pink? I can never remember, it was so unimpressive it didn't stick in my memory banks. Luckily, hot hot pink is a much more pigmented colour so it was able to temporarily achieve the look I wanted.

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