Sunday, February 14, 2016

Japan: Snow day drinks in Shin-Urayasu 2012-01-23

Homemade omurice, a Japanese home cooking staple!
While I've yet to actually try it in a restaurant (though they do exist), it's a simple dish of fried rice seasoned with ketchup and a soft egg omelette draped on top. I had mine with some broccoli and a big old cup of coffee to power myself through the day!
I had plans to meet with friends for a drink after work in Shin-Urayasu~

Construction at Ikspiari, across the street from Tokyo Disney Sea.

Itty-bitty crouton... have you ever eaten a salad with chopsticks? It's fun!

Umebozu, I believe they're called... "Tasty sticks"! They're a very cheap snack and come in a wide variety of flavours.

Snow outside my window...

A creamy potato dish at The Hub...

Some kind of sugary, multicoloured cocktail...look at the size difference between the drink and the dish!

A little bit of snow outside on my patio and the neighbour's building...isn't it close?

Absinthe and snacks...

Snacks galore! I miss jagarico, they're not healthy by any stretch of the imagination but they were yummy! Little crispy sticks of processed flavoured potato puffs... I especially liked the salad and tomato flavours. 


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