Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Japan: Girl's day out in Odaiba 2012-02-08

On one of our days off together, the girls and I ventured out to Odaiba for a fun filled day of goofing off together. Odaiba is a really fun area with beautiful beachfront views of Tokyo and Rainbow Bridge, a small Statue of Liberty, tons of arcades, restaurants and shopping centres. It's a hot spot for dates! 

Awkward pencil sharpener...

Enjoy under?
Store that specialises in underwear!

The Stay Puft guy made some new friends. 

Sailor Moon arcade game, Crystal Heart Bingo!

Creeper chonies...

Outdoor walk up restaurant. 

Takoyaki shop/shrine!

Rainbow bridge.

Yuri and I are fans of the little octopi~

Caricature booth advertising that they do cosplay caricatures ^_^ fun!

Lady liberty!

Fuji TV studios. If you're a fan of anime you might recognise it from Death Note!

I don't know what this thing is but it's kind of creepy.

Then there's this little takoyaki creature. o_O

Rainbow bridge!

Inappropriate Mario underwear!

Positive Deli and some polar bears.Why are the bears crying? I do not know.

A store that sells only condoms, in case you've ever needed to stock up.

Takoyaki ship!


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