Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Japan: Monzen Nakacho 2012-06-18

As part of my work agreement, I was slated for an annual physical.
Our medical office was located in an office building attached to the train station, which made finding it pleasantly simple. One thing about Japan is that the address system and structure of the buildings can make finding specific businesses difficult, sometimes nearly impossible. Sometimes a world famous restaurant or infamous eatery could be tucked into a corner of a sub-basement of a major shopping centre.  This same set-up means that you're bound to find some truly wonderful hidden gems if you explore enough!
Since my physical was scheduled early in the morning, I had the rest of the day left to use as I wished. I spent some time wandering around Monzen Nakacho before moving on to other neighbourhoods. 
I found out later that one of my coworkers lived in the area! It seemed quite lovely from my time there, with lots of waterside walkways, parks and bridges as well as many reasonably priced restaurants. 

As part of my doctor visit, I was required to step into this snazzy robe. 
I was given an x-ray, had my vision & hearing tested, got my blood pressure taken, BMI measured, and a handful of other tests including tinkling into a cup. ^^;We got the results back a couple weeks later, and I got a good score in all areas. Huzzah!

Yakibuta = grilled pork. Yum!

Skytree visible in the distance...

Tokyo Bay, Sumida River.

Memorial time capsule 2004.4.10.

Check back tomorrow for more photos!



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