Monday, December 28, 2015

Japan: Monsoon Cafe dinner @ Maihama

As the sun set over Tokyo, we boarded the trains towards Maihama station.
Our coworkers were soon to be released back into the wild, and we were going to meet them.
After working with Disney for some time, both the Ishizawa sisters decided to depart us. 
First Kanae, then Yuka. It was quite a loss for our team as the bubbly duo were not only exceptional at their jobs but vibrant, uplifting personalities who made the days more enjoyable to endure. Without their presence the work environment was never going to be quite the same. To bid our farewell, we took Yuka out for dinner with a surprise in store.

Our team at the caricature counter had pooled together to buy Yuka a limited edition Spring Voyage Duffy! ^_^ She loved the little guy and was touched by the gift. It was a fun evening a nice ending to the day, though I was sad to be seeing Yuka leaving us at work... u_u

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