Sunday, December 20, 2015

Japan: 2012-02-08 Kamakura

Kamakura is a beautiful town roughly a couple hours by train outside of Tokyo. It's a popular tourist destination and used to be the political centre of Japan in 1192. Yes, that's right, 1192! My coworkers Naoko & Noriko Watanabe were familiar with the area and suggested we all visit together on our days off from Disney. I happily obliged and Naoko kindly drew up a guide for me to find my way through the maze of Tokyo station on my own. Fun fact: the Watanabe sisters commuted over 2 hours one way, each day, to go to work at the Disney parks! Despite the carefully crafted map, I still found myself at a loss as to which train to board. Overcoming my lifelong timidness, I summoned the courage to ask a station staff member for directions and he cordially escorted me to the correct platform and double checked that I was in the correct location to reach my destination before returning to his previous duties. ^^; Thank you, sir!

A couple of stops from Kamakura, I met with the sisters. This lovely lady greeted us from the hilltop.

After taking in the view, we headed back into the station and boarded our final train toward Kamakura together.

Kamakura station.

During the spring these trees come alive with cherry blossoms!

Naoko proudly showing off the local pastry. 

Believe it or not, Kamakura actually has a strong German influence!

I'm 5'10", by the way, to give you an idea of the scale of these.

The small private room we had our lunch in. 

Trays full of food~ so tasty! 

Tempura, tofu and salad.

The bowl on the left has minced tuna and shirasu,or white bait; lightly boiled tiny fish. They're really popular in the area and are quite tasty. ^_^ Above the tuna and shires bowl is a small dish with pickles while the brown liquid on the bottom right is the tempura dipping sauce. 

The lovely sisters!

There are so many lovely things to see and do in Kamakura! 
I'll be back tomorrow with more photos, including the DaiButsu (giant Buddha)! 


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