Saturday, November 21, 2015

Japan: Icho Namiki Ginkgo Avenue 2012-11-24

The Japanese have a profound appreciation for all things seasonal, including the changing of the leaves as summer slides into the chilly grip of winter. To celebrate, Yuka & A-chan and I went to Icho Namiki, a street lined with resplendent ginkgo trees who's leaves turn a stunning shade of yellow.

Braving the sleepy crowds, we met up and began our adventure!

At the end of the street was a festival!

So many tasty looking options~ Green curry, sausages, chili cheese curry fries…oh my!

These kids were too cute!

Mm, look at those big ol' crab legs!

Adorable candies, naturally. ^_^

Beer selection! It's not all Asahi, guys. ;)
There's actually a pretty robust craft beer scene in Japan, which is encouraging.

Lunch~ hot beef udon noodle soup with veggies. 

Once we wrapped up here, we headed over to Ebisco in Shinjuku. 
Ebisco is a restaurant that I've visited before with Yuka, staffed by professional wrestlers! Not only is the food delicious but the photo ops are unbeatable!
Check back tomorrow for that post! 
Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my adventures. 

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