Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Japan: Harajuku Illuminations 2012-11-22

Harajuku is a vivacious and colorful district of Tokyo renowned for it's "Harajuku girl" fashions. 
Trendy and fun though the fashions may be, they are primarily geared towards teenaged girls rather than 20-something adults…that's where Omotesando comes in!
Catering to a slightly more mature audience, the styles are still eclectic and fun without being quite as avant garde (and the prices reflect it). Don't be too quick to dismiss either neighborhood as there are all sorts of fun shops and unexpected surprises around every corner. 
You can quite literally shop high & low by walking only a few short blocks! 
Whichever your preference, there's no denying the charm of walking through the winding streets of these neighborhoods and good company just makes it better.

On this particular evening, Kazu and I met in Harajuku with plans to take in some of the illumination displays that were going on. Several of the displays crept through the entire building, causing the crowds of curious to wind their way up to the roof. Kazu had the map and led the way, I gawked and took photos. 

When it was time to eat, Kazu found a small French restaurant tucked away along a side street.
Often times the best meals I've had were in these small places, where they have the freedom to pursue their passion no matter how small a niche it may have.

And a fun advertisement for the Hobbit that made it look like your train car window was looking into Gollum's cave or a happy feast…kind of dates the post, doesn't it? ^^; Alala…
Tokyo really is a pretty city to visit at any time of year, but during the winter season it really puts on the glitz. I definitely recommend braving the chill and taking a stroll to enjoy it all.

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