Sunday, November 29, 2015

Japan: Day to day vibes 2011-11-30

More meanderings around my neighborhood in Urayasu-shi, Japan. 
Photo diary~

Hamburger lunch- $9.30USD
Lunch Steak- $11.80USD
Sirloin lunch- $13.30USD

A walkway to Shin-Urayasu station.

American Coffee! XD

Bus stop at Shin-Urayasu station and all the dapper people out for their day to day~

Innovating repurposing for a KFC bucket...

This tiny soba restaurant was just around the corner from my apartment, a shame I didn't stop in for lunch more often than I did. The owners reside in the house above and around the tiny restaurant.

Sakura street. 

Do best home. 
One thing I noticed quite frequently while living in Japan was how the builders would put up barricades or tarps to hide the work in progress! No buildings bones for us.

The little figures in the crosswalk signs wear a dapper hat. Fancy!

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