Friday, November 27, 2015

Japan: Daily life & unique foods 2011-11-27

MOS Burger! 
A Japan-specific burger chain, they're actually pretty tasty. One of the things they're most known for is being among the first burger chains to offer rice buns, essentially rice balls subbed in for the regular bread buns. Who knew the Japanese were early adopters of the gluten free movement? ;)

A typical Japanese taxi, classy in black.

I'd never heard of Police Boxes, or Koban, until acquainting myself with Japan and Japanese culture. Did you know that the Police Box was adopted from the British, who no longer utilize them? These micro-police stations allow for broader coverage and easier access to officers, who can be trusted to at least serve if not protect. Being a bit of a Whovian now, I find it amusing to know that the Doctor and the Japanese share a similarity in keeping the Police Box alive!

A poster near Disney admonishing white-haired old creeps to keep from messing with the wee ones.

The employee lockers clearly demonstrating their attitudes towards dingily bits.

Bus schedule. 

Sunkus, a pun on the way "Thanks" sounds when pronounced with a very heavy Japanese accent.

Pungency, because it ain't fit to drink if it don't got that stink!

$2USD for 4 pieces of bread. 
But to be fair, they're pretty thick slices, like Texas toast.

Texas BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, and Salt Pringles.

Choco Flake! Like potato chips if they were made completely of chocolate. While I was initially pretty hesitant, one of my coworkers in Disney offered me some during lunch and I was surprised by how delectable they were. Perfect monthly food, ladies.

Cambell's Corn Potage soup…do they sell that flavor here? XD Never seen it, but I'm not much of a fan of corn.

Little personal pizza on sale. One of the best ways to save money living in Japan is to shop later in the day, as fresh foods will get marked down gradually throughout the day, so that the later you go in the cheaper they are!

How about some Anchovy and Garlic pretzel snacks with your beer?

Or some sea urchin flavored rice crackers? These were pretty legit, as far as I'm concerned. I love uni!

Window displays at a nearby salon.

No smoking or littering. Ignore the cigarette butt someone left. XD Haha!
Not every Japanese person abides by every rule faithfully. 

View across the bay during my walk home...

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