Thursday, October 15, 2015

Las Vegas: Toxic Dump at the Life is Shit festival at the Dive Bar 2015-09-25

Come all ye hipsters, for your beacon of golden hopped hope is here.

Have you ever heard of the Life is Beautiful festival?
This post has nothing to do with it, as I refuse to go. Haha!
But for those of you who haven't heard of Life is Beautiful, it's an annual event here in Vegas that features a medley of pop music acts (the majority of which I'd never heard of), live art, and other such fluffy and upbeat entertainment, as harmless a toothless kitten to the psyche of your average cheerful mass media loving consumer.
Although it costs nearly $300 for a general entry ticket it still clogs up our roads with countless visitors flocking to join the festivities, and despite having worked, lived in and visited some of the most congested cities in the world, I'm not a particular fan of large crowds.
So…yeah... No thanks.
Being of a more cynical bent I found myself much more eager & willing to accept my friend Marcus's invitation to the Life is Shit festival, which happens during the same days and costs a fraction as much as the saccharine event. Featuring local bands, vendors, a giant inflatable PBR (along with cheap cold cans) and many of my friends in attendance, we made our way to the Dive Bar and we had a blast! 
We performed as 710Visuals, despite some technical difficulties and a wee bit of badgering from an over-worked Brit. ;)

More photos and video below!

While the bands might not be as famous as Weezer (one of the few bands performing at Life is Beautiful that I'd actually heard of), I have hung out with the members of at least two of these bands and know them to be awesome individuals who's creative endeavors I happily support. :)

This lovely lass was hanging out in front of the DiveBar with some creepy creations that were really cool! 

That's a possum paw, by the way.

She even had some full on taxidermic specimens! I'm not sure what this critter was...

Once set up, we realized we were missing a key piece of equipment and had zero time to return home to grab it. Bummer! >_<
We still did our best, though, and it worked out alright. 
Not our best performance ever, unfortunately, but Toxic Dump killed it!


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