Thursday, October 22, 2015

Las Vegas: Periskope w/710 Visuals @ the Womb Room 2015/10/03

Antho and I have done several shows at the Womb Room now, and it's one of our favorite venues. Being somewhat small, the intimate vibe encourages people to mingle and meet one another on friendly terms. We've met some truly amazing people there!
There's less pretense and I've yet to see any arguing as none of the bands want to ruin their good standing with the hosts. It's an invite only kind of shindig, so if you lose your invitation you're out!
And with so many talented acts coming through on a frequent basis, that would truly be a shame. 

Talented acts like these guys, Periskope!

A self described "psycho-surf-rock instrumental reverb-disco" band featuring:
Sonia Verde on Bass 
Brandon Fansler on Drums 
Jake Lasky on Guitar 
Justin Ptak on Guitar 
and Hank, the Band Dog.

While some members weren't really visible during the show due to lighting angles and proximity, they all did their part and put on a great show. 

More photos and video below the cut!

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