Thursday, October 8, 2015

Japan: Arribas work party 2012-10-06

The company I worked for had been in Japan for well over 20 years by the time I showed up, and many of the artists who had started working there in the beginning were reaching a point in their career where they were preparing to step down and return home or retire. As such, when one of the longest-working professionals was reaching the end of his time working with us, the manager arranged a farewell party in his honor. 

We all met at a restaurant in a nearby train station. 

This is Mari-chan and Toshiko, handlers who worked with the guests in the park to help bridge the linguistic gap. 

Misaki, Jisel and A-chan.
Misaki and A-chan worked with the artists as our handlers, Jisel was a fellow artist who worked in the silhouette department. Very talented lass!

Sneaky Kanda-san...

Oh, Kanda-san…XD 

After a few drinks, they were like giddy children!

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