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Japan: Inagekaigan Hari 2012-07-2 日本語も

Have you ever had acupuncture?

Working at Tokyo Disney Sea, I often had to overexert myself physically just to match product demand. People would be lining up for drawings before we even opened in the morning and there were many times when the wait time was over three hours…that's right, three HOURS! x_x;
Most of the thrill rides have wait times that long, but for a simple drawing? They really like their drawings! ^_^

時間?!! x_x;
みんなさん絵が大好きだからね? ^_^

Drawing endlessly for 40-50 hours a week caught up with me pretty quick, and my muscles and joints became increasingly more painful and stiff. My coworker, Gamini, lived out in a quiet suburban village in Chiba and recommended an acupuncturist/physical therapist there. Being 20-30 minutes from Tokyo, the doctor was more reasonably priced than some in the city and had an affable and earnest demeanor that was endearing. Despite the shock-white hair that perfectly matched his scrubs (and socks, because no shoes in the clinic, thanks) he was an energetic young gent at a spritely 70 or 80 years young. During the massages that would accompany the acupuncture, he would often climb atop the table and dig his big toes into knots in my shoulders with deft dexterity and surprising agility. 

 Despite the obvious appeal of getting the massage and acupuncture, sometimes it was hard to draw myself out of the apartment on my days off... My small garden was doing well, with two happy aloe plants, pepper plants, vines and more.

You'd be surprised how deep those little needles actually go! My hand was usually turned into a bit of a pincushion, with the needles inserted into key points throughout the digit. If I flexed my hand or arm I could feel the needles shifting in the muscles…creepy! ^^; It didn't really hurt, just kind of an uncomfortable pinching sensation.

Literally just one drawing out of hundreds done every week… x_x notice the wrist guard...

Naturally, stepping out for a meal in the area was always a nice reward after making it out and completing the procedure. There was a small sushi shop in the same building that I frequented often, but the area was rife with restaurants, which I took much pleasure in trying. 

My very first visit to the doctor, Gamini served us dinner after. It was nice seeing a glimpse into someone's home, and especially nice sharing the bottle of Ballantine's together over discussions of work and living abroad. 

Have you ever had acupuncture? ^_^
Ever tried Ballantine's? 

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