Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Castro District

Glitter, rainbows, and lots of rock hard buildings. 
After climbing our way to Coit tower, then Lombard, we caught a bus over to the Mission district and  walked over to the Castro district from there. 
There were a lot of fantastic murals, shops and other fun things to see along the way!
San Francisco is renowned for being one of the most accepting and proud cities in the US,
and according to the San Francisco travel website, it's the city that
"practically invented gay" so we felt it a necessary inclusion in our stops throughout the city. 

Check out my photos below!


They must have sinfully good deals, huh?

Proposition chicken…I wonder what they proposition? 

A United States Mint building!

We grabbed a couple of smoothies to recharge with during our journey.

Antho rocking the double bun and checking his phone during a break.

I think we may be heading the right direction…

That tan line, though…

We've officially hit Castro!

HOT Cookie, eh?

Well, that's quite the girthy cookie, alright… ^_^;;

A whole lot of photos!

And a whole lot of skin in them, too.

We were bummed to miss this! 

I love that old school tiled ticket counter!

Only the most refined of gentledogs make it to Dapper Dog.

This looks lively!

This little disco ball hung above the community bulletin board.

Slurp slurp. I like how you can get a peak at the overall incline of the hill from this shot.

Naked gnomes, because, naturally. 


Even the crosswalks are colorful!

The sausage factory...

Rock hard…oh, you're a punny one, you.

Evidently they found the dolls that are equipped.

It's Castro, bitch!

One very happy gorilla mural!

Daddy's barbershop...

Rock hard, perhaps not surprisingly, showcases erotic art.

Don't worry folks, all the willies were censored!

Don't you want to see their big hard salami?

Those two had some truly majestic beards.

Cafe Mystique…fun decorations!

The Temple of Poon!

San Fransexy, huh?

Friends don't let friends live in Ohio. 
I dunno, man, Ohio could be really pretty. I used to visit out there as a kid.

Twin Peaks…this brought up a whole discussion about a Twin Peaks reference in a Nightmare on Elm Street movie, then how we need to watch the original Twin Peaks mini-series, etc.

It's a TURDIS!

Eros spa…and all their specials...

Antho and I know a guy named Chino, so we always enjoy little colorful reminders of his existence. !CHINO!

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