Friday, July 31, 2015

San Francisco Exploratorium

We finally made it to the Exploratorium! Nyee!!

Lots of photos of fun stuff ahead.

Look how excited he is! I know the feeling, babe.

Fun fact: when we bought our tickets, the girl at the counter was so impressed by our enthusiasm that she gave us a local's discount! That was a really kind gesture on her part as we were trying to keep to something of a budget. That little extra kindness just added to the overall wonderfulness that is the Exploratorium!  

Playing with sound waves, which become evident in the salt as they travel through the metal plate.

He's floating!

Like magic...

Do you see pillars or people?

A mirror room!

Warped reflections.

A rainbow!

The rainbow is still in full color, but this room turned everything and everyone inside a sepia tone. 

We found a series of projectors to play with, so Antho made pretty lights for me to pose in. :)

Playing with colored shadows.

Making a giant soap film bubble. Pretty!

We took glamorous slow motion videos…

Made entirely out of toothpicks...

No need for X-ray specs!

This chair is way too big, silly boy!

But this one? Way too small…humph...


Sketch screen?

The face of surprise...

We found a shadow capture room! Fun!

Back outside with a lovely view of the city. 

From here we headed to our lodging for the evening to check in and drop off our bags.
Check back tomorrow for a new post! 

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