Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hair, May 2015: Pink ombre fun

I currently have pink hair.

And I'm okay with this.
     Awhile ago I got a wild hair up my arse and decided to ombre my hair. After a trip to the local beauty supply store I managed to lift the tips of my hair to a lighter blonde with some help from my boyfriend and a bit of a wait. We used Manic Panic's bleach kit and let it sit for around 45 minutes to an hour. 

     I had dyed it deep purple then, using Manic Panic's Ultra-Violet. I used two tubs of the stuff and loved the resulting colors, but they faded away almost completely within two weeks. Feeling disenfranchised by how quickly it washed out, I left my hair alone for awhile and roughly 6 months on it looked as it does peaking out from under the Boba Fett helmet.

     What little girl doesn't dream of her very own jetpack?

    You could call me…Boba Jess.


     Experiment GO!

     This time around, I decided to dip into Manic Panic's selection of pink tones. I was inspired by the Colorfest. Seeing the various color powders on my hair really made me crave some more colors in my day to day being.

     In the bowl there (a repurposed whipped cream tub), I had mixed a couple table spoons of Manic Panic's Hot Hot Pink dye with over two CUPS of conditioner. I was aiming for a pretty pastel color, which worked out well enough, I suppose. It's some seriously potent dye, guys. I've been using water-only or co-washing combined with using a boar bristle brush so the color has stuck around a wee bit better this time.

     Because of the preexisting orange-ish tones lingering in my ombre, the pink dye has been fading into a pretty coral shade that I'm enjoying.

     I initially dyed my hair around the beginning of May and I've already done one touch up about one and a half to two weeks ago.

So it goes.

    At this stage, I still have a bit of dye (both straight and diluted) leftover. I'm curious to see how it fades from here and contemplating experimenting with other shades or going lighter. It's been so long since I did my initial ombre dye that my hair has grown out a fair bit and it could use some additional lightening. I'd also like to experiment with trying to go much more pastel.


     Maybe I'll try green or blue next? What do you think?

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