Monday, May 11, 2015

Japan: August 8th-9th 2012 Kasumigaseki hijinks


      Being the fan of DDTプロレス that she was, Yuka-chan was on top of all the events and goings on. She let me in on a free event going on in Kasumigaseki, just outside of Toranomon station. We hopped a couple of trains and made it in time for the event, which I actually got zero photos of…sorry, I was too busy enjoying the mayhem as under-dressed wrestlers darted around, ducking through the crowds and showing off.

I did, however, get lots of photos of our antics.

Just a couple of pretty pretty little princesses, yo.


This photo opportunity was hanging out in a small hub of activity replete with a karaoke booth, TV station headquarters and various people advertising things.

Naturally, we had to go for lunch. Which, naturally, was awesome.

Because it's Japan and that's how these things work. Everything is delicious, especially when enjoyed with good friends.

由香ちゃん一生に昼ごはんをたべました。メンチカツのプレイトでした。めちゃおいしいかったよ!なかまたちとおいしい食べ物はいつもいいね?<3 p="">

Clockwise from top left; watermelon, pork shumai, salmon sashimi with onion and herbs, shabu-shabu salad pork, tsukemono (mixed pickles), miso soup with inari, menchi katsu (mixed pork cutlet deep-fried on a stick), tofu, rice

     I happened to overhear the boys in the booth behind me talking about horror movies…everything from リング(Ringu) to ジューオン (Ju-On; the grudge)…being a fan of said horror movies, it was an inevitability that I would pop up with my best imitation of Sadako, the leading lady of fear from Ringu…Yuka tried her's, too. One of the boys yelped audibly when I poked my head around the corner. 笑
    Tokyo Broadcasting Systems headquarters are near the station, which is where I made a new friend with their dapper little mascot. No idea what his name is. o_-;; ブタさんのお名前は何ですか?知らないだけど。。。^^;
Here's a group shot of the wrestlers that were in attendance for the event we attended. Only shot I got! Merp.

Yuka and I did manage to happen upon the first and only Delirium Tremens devoted establishment I have ever encountered. Don't get me wrong; Delirium beverages are pretty well respected in Japan and could be found at my local import market pretty readily, and they're something I even encountered in a random watering hole I found while out wandering Ginza one afternoon…but that was Ginza, the ritzy district of Tokyo, and this was a tiny bar that specialized in foreign brews…so these things aren't as spontaneous as they might originally appear… but even in the US I had never encountered a bar that specialized in Delirium! It was a fun find and I talked Yuka into having a drink or two with me. :)

A needlessly fun illuminated stairway exiting Toranomon station.

With my commemorative fan~

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