Sunday, April 26, 2015

Las Vegas: 2015-04-25 Holi Festival of Color 2015


     Are you a fan of color? If, like me, you find the idea of antiquing complete strangers with fistfuls of colored powder appealing, then boy do I have an event for you! 

     The Holi Festival of Color! It's a traveling event celebrating an Indian tradition that largely involves satchels of colored cornstarch powder; animal safe, people safe (though mildly irritating to get in your eyes). People of all ages, shapes, styles, and sizes gathered for live group yoga sessions, live music, raffles, food, dancing, and the all important tossing of colors. 

      The idea is simple; pay $5 at the gate to get in (yes, you read that right- FIVE BUCKS! not bad at all for nearly 6 hours of live music, yoga and fun) and you enter to find yourself in a celebration of color, love and other family friendly hippie type jazz. There are booths with tie-dye, a place to get henna'd, a bouncy house for the kids, face painting, vegetarian foods and drinks. The focal point of the event, the colors, were sold at a merch booth with some t-shirts and other goodies. An individual pack of color was $3, you could get 4 colors for $10 and all 8 for $20. We opted for the 4 color pack, which gave us plenty of powdery ammunition.
Instructions were quite simple and 

      The idea is pretty simple; if someone smiles, looks friendly and has any color on them what-so-ever (or seems positively receptive to the idea) then have at it. 

     In the end, everyone becomes one big splatter painting dancing, stretching, smiling together. 

My cohort and adventure buddy Antho Jay captured this video of one of the many color throws/tosses that went on throughout the day. Much fun was had by all involved! We're definitely looking forward to next year's, even contemplating the idea of taking the trek out to Utah for the huge festival out there. This was only Vegas's second ever Holi Festival so I'm really looking forward to seeing it grow over the years. 

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