Saturday, July 17, 2010

The art of dressing oneself

I've been in makeover mode for the summer. We've been cleaning out our apartment and have gotten rid of a lot of things, which has been great! I have so much more organization to my closet now. The unfortunate flip side to that is that I've been forced to come to terms with the fact that most of my clothes are old and either don't fit [be it my style or my shape] or are falling to pieces. I've gotten a few new updated items, like a flouncy floral miniskirt and a few flowing, lightweight pieces for the summer. My favorite places for inspiration as of current;

A collective of constantly updated looks from all over the globe. Users post their own outfits.
Shopping site with a wide variety of different brands from Asia, with some awesome deals.
Another shopping site, but this one features south korean brands.
Another korean shopping site.
A blog-style website frequently updated with new looks, trends and shopping tips.
A social networking approach to sharing your daily looks and fashion inspirations.

This summer I'm definitely feeling the girlier styles, with flattering fits, ruffles and floral prints being dominant.
I'd like to invest in a nice pair of flat leather or suede booties, as well as a fun colored pair of walkable pumps.

What are you feeling for summer? Is there anything that you're loving for the moment?

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